Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Month Update

Wow...can't believe my baby girl is already 18 months old! Where does the time go?? Georgia has been such a fun addition to our family - don't know what we ever did without her! She is such a little mess! But sooo much fun! Such a BIG personality in that tiny little body! Oh how I love her so! Here's a quick rundown of her latest developments:

Size - Since we haven't scheduled our 18 month check-up yet...I know, I know, I'm a little behind on this...I'm not exactly sure of her measurements and will have to post them once we go to the doctor. But I can tell you she's a tiny little thing compared to her brother at this age. She's still wearing 12-18 month clothes. Can wear some 18 month, but for the most part, they're still just a little too big. As for shoes, she's in a size 5, and has way too many pairs to count! Did I mention this child's already growing obsession with shoes?? She LOVES them! And can take them off and on all by herself. We won't even talk about taking her to a shoe can barely drag her out of there...kicking and screaming!! She wants one in every color!

Eating - While she may be small, you'd never know it by her appetite! This girl loves to eat! And the nicest part is that she's not the least bit picky! She'll eat just about anything I serve her, and is willing to try anything I ask! After 6 years of trying to feed possibly the world's most picky eater, this has been such a blessing! Georgia loves her veggies, especially carrots and green beans. She also loves oatmeal, manderin oranges, blueberry pancakes, speghetti, cheese, bananas, corn, pears, goldfish, and anything with ketchup! Honestly, I can't think of anything she doesn't like...except maybe raw onions...which she begged me to let her try recently! And she even took several bites of it, before deciding against it! Of course, she wouldn't be her brother's sister if she didn't also have a penchant for snack foods, too! Whatever he's having, she wants it too! This girl has yet to meet a chip she doesn't like! Loves juice, which is also the word she uses for milk, and will drink both without hesitation out of her sippy cup. She's beginning to use her fork and spoon rather well, and has reached the stage where she wants to do everything herself! Including feeding herself, which has turned out to be a very messy adventure! But as trying as this stage can be, I am so proud of her growing independance!

Sleeping - I am so blessed to have such a great sleeper! While she only takes 1 nap a day (usually from around 11:30 to 1:30) she is no trouble to put to bed. Once I tell her its time for a nap, she heads up the stairs, reaches for her "baby" (her beloved stuffed puppy dog), leans over for a kiss, and lays down. Its just that easy! And the same goes for bedtime to! She usually goes to bed around 8:00 and doesn't wake until usually around 7:30 in the morning - with no waking in the night! Yay for sleep!

Play - She is so busy these days! I love to watch her love on and feed her baby dolls, play with her little people barn and animals, slide outside, jump on the trampoline, and just generally see what else she can get into! This one NEVER slows down! She still loves the Wonder Pets (especially Ming Ming) often requesting them in the morning by saying "Ming Ming" and handing me the remote! I just love to watch her dance to their songs - so cute!

Talking - Boy does this girl like to gab! Right now, its mainly just a lot of jabbering with plenty of head nods and hand gestures thrown in for good measure! But she also speaks many very intelligble words as well, including: Mama, Dada, Sam, Maggie, Papa, Ming Ming, outside, slide, swing, book, hi, bye, juice, please, more, ball, Tippy, Sarah, Zach, and of course, SHOES! And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her wide array of animal sounds, including everything from dogs and cats, to lions, monkeys, cows, even fish - PRICELESS!! She LOVES animals - especially dogs, and can't get enough of our Maggie! Theirs is a sweet bond, and I have to admit that I'm impressed with how tolerant and patient Maggie can be with her, whether Georgia is wiping her face with baby wipes, counting Maggies toenails, or trying to brush her hair!

I could go on and on for days about just how special you are, Little Miss! You truly are my Sunshine. We love you so much, GiGi!!

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Scott, Sarah, and Zach Saunders said...

Love reading your updates!!! Didn't know she's been wiping Maggie's face with a wipee! I love it! :)